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PANSEAL Cartridge Videos
Underwater Leak Sealing and Coating Products by Dynesic

The oldest but most successful video in our archives.  Jim (PANSEAL'S founder) shows how PANSEAL cartridges seal leaks under standing water.

PANSEAL Gallon Videos
HVAC All Purpose Lining and Corrosion Protection Products by Dynesic

Tasha is on site at the Gaylord Texan to demonstrate the permanent repair of a severly damaged cooling tower with PANSEAL.

Coating and Repairing over Rusted Surfaces with Dynesic Products

PANSEAL in action in a mechanical room at UT Southwest Hospital in Dallas, TX.  

NADCA Leak Repair Coatings and Sealants by Dynesic

NADCA Conference 2016 - The Drain Pan Coating Convention showing the differences of PANSEAL vs Pancrete.  Which Coating Works Best?

PANSEAL Protection Reviews from Expert

Ken Cogliano does a review/demonstration of PANSEAL.  This is a thourough application from the expert packed full of good info.

E84 Rated Products, Flammable Resistant Products by Dynesic

How does PANSEAL react to open flame?

Concrete Repair Videos
How to Coat and Seal Concrete Surfaces by Dynesic
REZCRETE 3D Concrete Repair Videos

Cooling Tower on Fire in Houston, TX

How to repair damaged concrete with DX-1100 Primer, PANSEAL Paste Grade and PANSEAL coating.

DX-5400 High Temperature Coating and Lining Product by Dynesic

Tasha demonstrates how fast PIPESEAL can permanently seal a leaking pipe. 

Fixing Leaks in Pipes Using PIPESEAL by Dynesic

Unafiliated Handy Man Guru Ken Cogliano puts the pressure test to PIPESEAL.  Can PIPESEAL really conquer 1200 PSI pressures?

Tasha Manning Dynesic Concrete Repair Suggestions

Tasha demonstrates how REZCRETE 3D repairs a damaged curb and can be used to repair any 3 dimensional concrete or stone application within 15 minutes.

How to Fix Your Funny Blowhorn

Dave Zak has his own ideas on what PIPESEAL should be used for. 


Tasha shows why DURAPATCH is the strongest, quickest working repair kit in the world.  Also the most versatile.

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