Dynesic DX-3300 Ranks as Most Chemecal Resistant Coating & Sealant in the Industry.

DX-3300 Ultra Chemical Resistant Sealant & Coating

• Excellent thermal compatibility with steel and concrete

• Low permeation rate for tank lining service

• Solvent free – 100% solids

• Quick return-to-service – 24 hours at 77°F (25°C) for hydrocarbon immersion service

• Single-coat application

Recommended Uses

• High-temperature immersion tank lining

• Crude oil storage to 350°F (177°C)

• Floor and chemical trenches in process areas

• Secondary containment areas

• Bulk petroleum storage tank lining

• Process equipment supports and pads exposed to acids

• Truck loading and unloading pads

• Internal pipeline and vessel linings

DX-3300 Ranks as the Best Industrial Coating and Sealant by RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd. with an A, A, A, A rating. This rating is the result of testing DX-3300 for immersion strength, chemical resistant properties and harsh environmental issues.

DX-3300 showed the least amount of stress in the tests performed by RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd. and was recognized as the highest performing industrial coating.

The Autoclave Test Results show DX-3300's A rating in every category.

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