Cooling Tower On Fire! Repaired by Dynesic Products -

On January 22, 2018 this concrete cooling tower was destroyed due to a massive fire that began in it’s internal components at the Solvay Chemical plant in La Port Texas. This 36,000 square foot structure itself consists of 7 1/2 inch concrete walls which were damaged and in structural jeopardy. There were no injuries reported and the fire was contained, but replacing the concrete structure would be a huge expense and result in unlimited down time.

The contractor for this project Service Tech Cooling Towers of Chickasha, OK consulted with Dynesic Technologies to find a solution that would restore the damaged concrete exterior. Once the structure was prepped, Dynesic DX-1100 Primer for concrete was applied. PANSEAL Paste Grade was used to bolster the areas of pits and severely damaged concrete. PANSEAL Coating Grade was then applied to the entire surface to protect the surface from harsh environments and to offer long-term corrosion protection.

Kelly Boyd of Service Tech Cooling Towers who supervised the project said, “we were pretty much blown away from the results”.

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