Marine Coatings; What Works Best for Boat Builders? Seal 210

With a strong wind at its back, SEAL 210 a marine grade novolac epoxy designed for boat construction and repair has not only raised the eye brows of tested, classical restoration experts, but has the emerging technicians and restoration specialists on board. SEAL 210 is a novolac epoxy system that preserves the traditional character of classic restoration with the advanced technological breakthroughs of today. So, back to the question, when it comes to marine epoxies, what gives SEAL 210 an edge over the competition?

1- SEAL 210 is 100% environmentally friendly, has no VOC’s and contains no toxic chemicals. Today’s increasing focus is on preserving nature and intensified restrictions levied on hazardous contaminants, enhances the future of SEAL 210. There is no other known marine epoxy that is safe to apply or environmentally friendly. Most marine epoxies are composed of Bisphenol A resins that leach into waters and into the environment. Here is what the industry’s leading product (MSDS) says; “Material is moderately toxic to aquatic organisms on an acute basis..”

2- Biz A marine epoxies are not safe to apply. Read the MSDS. Here is what the industry’s leading product (MSDS) says; “toxic material causing other toxic effects”, “environmentally hazardous substance”, “Epichlorohydrin, an impurity in this product has been reported to produce cancer in laboratory animals and to produce mutagenic changes in bacteria and cultured human cells. It has been established by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a probable human carcinogen (Group 2A) based on the following conclusions: human evidence – inadequate; animal evidence – sufficient. It has been classified as an anticipated human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program (NTP). These substances are known to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm, or both. SEAL 210 is safe to apply and is free of toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

3- Here is another quote from the leading competition product’s MSDS, “precautionary steps should be taken when curing product in large quantities. When mixed with epoxy curing agents this product causes an exothermic, which in large masses, can produce enough heat to damage or ignite surrounding materials and emit fumes and vapors that vary widely in composition and toxicity. SEAL 210 does not omit toxic fumes. It also says, “Wear a self-contained breathing apparatus and complete full-body personal protective equipment. Closed containers may rupture (due to buildup of pressure) when exposed to extreme heat". Seal 210 does not require a respirator or mask during application.

4- SEAL 210 is a novolac epoxy which means that it has a purer chemistry matrix than the Biz A resins of the marine industry. Novolac resins are multi-functional, which means that their cross link densities are so closely grouped that aggressive species such as sulfuric acid cannot penetrate their matrix. This advantage gives SEAL 210 an edge in long term protection, heat resistance, chemical resistance and ability to remain durable in the harshest environments.

5- The leading marine epoxy’s heat resistance is 123°F, whereas SEAL 210’s is 220°F.

6- SEAL 210 is ultra-clear with HALS UV stabilizers, so it is versatile in the fact that it can also be used to coat and protect interior and exterior surfaces.The leading product’s MSDS says, “it is not intended for clear coating natural finished wood”.

7- SEAL 210’s compressive strength of 13,500 psi beats the leading product’s 11,400 psi and it’s 6% elongation is much more substantial than the competitor’s 3% elongation.

8- SEAL 210 is manufactured by Dynesic Technologies, Inc., wheras the leading product is actually manufactured by by one company and distributed by another company.

9- Dynesic’s live service is available 24/7.

10- SEAL 210 is a superior product for many reasons and it’s also more economical.


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