Why Novolac Epoxies? Top 10 Advantages of Novolac Epoxies

Novolac epoxy systems are the cutting edge, state of the art formulas used in today’s world-wide infrastructures. The following top 10 list underlines the advantages of novolac epoxies over more common Bisphenol A epoxy systems and other forms of adhesives and coatings.

1- Dynesic Novolac epoxies are 100% solids, hybrid novolac systems that contain no solvents and no volatile organic compounds.These novolac epoxy systems are environmentally friendly and do not mix with water, so they do not leach into the environment.

2- Because these novolac systems are free of VOCs, they are safe to apply and virtually odorless. They pose no health threat to applicators and there is no need to wear a respirator during application. Novolac epoxies are safe for hospital and school applications.

3- Novolac epoxies have superior bonding characteristics as they bond both mechanically and chemically to the substrate in excess of 3000psi (ASTM D 4541).

4- Novolac epoxies achieve higher chemical resistance due to their chemistry, as they are able to withstand up to 98% sulfuric acid.

5- Novolac systems are able to endure extreme temperatures. Dynesic’s high temperature engineered versions are available for service temperatures exceeding 400 °F (205 °C).

6- Dynesic’s novolac epoxies have superior abrasion resistant qualities. Test (ASTM D4060-9) was conducted to test for abrasion resistance by incorporating alumina oxide ceramic into the matrix which proved it's excellent resistance to abrasion and suuperior chemical resistance.

7- Reinforcing Kevlar fibers (the addition of reinforcing Kevlar fibers), which are six times stronger than steel, to the epoxy matrix, tremendously increases the flexural and tensile strength by up to 5 to 6 times. This substantially increases wear resistance and greatly reduces the possibility for damage from impact to crack or chip the epoxy.

8- Novolac epoxies are versatile. They present themselves in a myriad of forms and a large range of viscosities and configurations which enables them to be used in many industries to solve numerous problems.

9- Novolac epoxies are easy to mix and apply (usually by brush, roller, sprayer or trowel).

10- COST! Although novolac resins are more expensive than Bisphenol A resins, there is a great cost savings for the following reasons:

-COVERAGE- Novolac resins have amazingly strong adhesive strength, so it’s recommended minimal required thickness is so much less than other systems, so you will often get 2 to 3 times or more coverage per gallon with novolac systems.

-SELF PRIMING- Novolac epoxies do not require as much surface preparation and there is no need to apply a primer prior to coating, saving time and money.

-ONE COAT- There is usually no need to re-coat with novolac systems, whereas other epoxies usually recommend further layers to achieve greater thickness.

-MORE PROTECTIVE- Novolac epoxies have longer lasting strength and durability characteristics which equates to more years of prolonged service.


What is Novolac Technology?

Novolac resins are multi-functional - meaning their cross link densities are so closely grouped that aggressive species such as sulfuric acid cannot penetrate their matrix. Because Biz A resins are composed of a dysfunctional chain, their bonds can be penetrated. Biz A resins are less expensive than novolac resins, but they fail in comparison for the top 10 reasons above and most importantly they are toxic, unsafe to apply and environmentally hazardous.

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