Seals Holes in Pipe to Full Pressure in Under 5 Minutes

* Works on all types of pipes including copper, steel, lead, cast iron and aluminum.
* Heat activated - Hardens fully in less than 1 minute.
* Withstands pressures up to 1200 psi.
* No wrapping or plugging required.
* Ideal for refrigerant lines.
* Extreme chemical resistance.
* 100% solids - No VOCs
* Permanently seals holes of up to 1/2 inch diameter.


SKU: 3000PSI
  • PIPESEAL is a unique, 100% solids, multi-component epoxy that quickly and permanently seals holes in pipe and other damaged metal surfaces.  PIPESEAL is able to seal a 1/2 inch diameter hole up to 1200 with no wrapping of other materials.  PIPESEAL is cured by heat from a heat gun or hair dryer within 5 minutes and is immediately ready for full pressure.  

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