Cooling Tower Sealant and Coating

* Seals leaks immediately.
* Minimal system down time.
* Easy brush/roller/spray application.
* 100% solids and entirely free of sol-vents and volatile organic compounds.
* Works on metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete and wood surfaces.
* Bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate.
* Excellent adhesion strength – 2,750 psi (pull-off adhesion test ASTM D 4541).


SKU: 2000PG
  • Permanently coats and seals leaks in Cooling Towers.  Seals leaks immediately with minimum down time.  Self priming and safe to apply with brush roller or sprayer.  Works on metal, galvanized, stainless steel, wood, plastic, fiberglass and concrete.  PANSEAL Gallons cover 160 square feet at 10 mils. (recommended minimal thickness).

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