Quick Cure Metal Repair Compound

* Patches and seals corroded metal, plastic, fiberglass and concrete surfaces.
* Hardens in 5–15 minutes depending on ambient temperature (down to 38°F)
* Works on wet surfaces.
* Trowellable - ideal for vertical surface repairs.
* Self-priming - bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate.
* Can be sanded, drilled, tapped and machined.
* 100% solids - No VOCs


SKU: 3000D
  • DURAPATCH is a unique, 100% solids, multi-component epoxy designed to quickly and permanently patch, seal and repair cracks, holes and leaks in metal, plastic, fiberglass and concrete surfaces.  DURAPATCH is the strongest, most durable, quickest working and most versatile product in the industry.  It's high strength and wide range of repair possibilities make it a necessity in every shop, boat or home. 

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