Expert Reviews

Ken Cogliano

Chief Engineer,

Laguna Hills, CA

Founder of Ken Training



Ken Cogliano, Chief Engineer is the host of KenTraining, a popular Do-It-Yourself training video series. His 3rd party evaluations on Dynesic products PANSEAL and PIPESEAL produced glowing results.  Ken is very thorough in his applications and evaluations.   

Permanent Pipe Repairs by Dynesic

Unafiliated and Undefeated Handy Man Guru Ken Cogliano puts the pressure test to PIPESEAL.  Can PIPESEAL really conquer 1200 PSI pressures?

PANSEAL All Purpose Abration Coating and Sealant

Ken Cogliano does a review/demonstration of PANSEAL.  This is a thorough application from the expert - packed full of good info.