Elastomeric Sealant & Coating

The HVAC Coating with Flexibility 

Why ELASTASEAL is the Answer...


* Offers excellent protection for seams and expansion joints.
* Cures within 6-8 hours.
* Impact resistant – high elongation.
* Easy to apply with trowel or brush.
* Extremely durable - 1,600 psi adhesion strength.
* UV stable - adjusts from freeze to thaw.
* Works on all metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete and

   wood surfaces.
* 100% solids, free of solvents and volatile organic compounds.



Before and After ELASTASEAL

* Ideal for Cooling Tower Repair, Condenser Pans, Leak Repair,   Tank Linings, Concrete Base Coats,

  Large Stress Cracks, Concrete and Metal Topcoat, Secondary Containment Structures and Expansion


ELASTASEAL is also ideal for sound dampening.  Jim is coating the inside of his speakers for optimum performance. 

Dynesic products are non-toxic, safe to apply and environmentally friendly.  ELASTASEAL does not mix with water and does not pose a threat to aquadic life.  There is no release of chemicals into the atmosphere.  Dynesic products are non-flammable and ship worldwide as they are not classified as hazardous materials.

Dynesic products are made in the USA!

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