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Dynesic Technologies’ foundation emerged from the world’s growing concern for the environment and the determination to solve problems with failing infrastructures.  As a result, Dynesic has continued to develop uniquely engineered, 100% solids adhesives, sealants and coatings.  These products provide an elevated and broader-based protection than conventional products while being safe to apply and free of volatile organic compounds whereas chemicals do not emit into the atmosphere.

Dynesic’s commercial and residential products are designed for safe applications and quick results.  These high strength products offer long term protection in leak sealing and coating.  Dynesic's commercial and residential products offer industrial strength solutions that result in favorable outcomes.


Dynesic’s advanced industrial products provide excellent protection from chemical immersion to heat environments for many industries including oil and gas, marine, storage and wastewater.  These industrial maintenance products are 100% solids, contain no solvents and no VOC’s.  Dynesic's formulations have superior strength characteristics and bond both mechanically and chemically to the substrate.  These products provide excellent wear resistance and exceptional, long term corrosion protection while not contributing to the world’s hazardous waste.  


Dynesic Technologies products are saving and protecting infrastructures world-wide with a concern for the future.

Dynesic Facility Maintanence Coating and Sealing Products