No VOC Coatings and Sealants

Advanced Sealants, Adhesives & Coatings

High Grade, Multi-Component Epoxy Systems Designed to Permanently

Protect and Restore with Superior Strength and Durability

Dynesic Tank Coating Photo 1
Dynesic Tank Coating Photo 1


Cooling Tower Repair; PANSEAL
Cooling Tower Repair; PANSEAL

Dynesic Tank Coating Photo 1
Dynesic Tank Coating Photo 1


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Concrete Coating Repair, Cooling Tower on Fire

Must See New PANSEAL Video - Concrete Cooling Tower on Fire in Houston, TX - Repaired with DX-1100, PANSEAL Paste Grade and PANSEAL Coating.

Dynesic DX-3300 repairs and protects all metal surfaces; Storage Tank Coatings
Novolac Epoxy Products by Dynesic

Hear the latest news about Dynesic and learn about Novolac epoxies; it's strength advatages over alternative products and it's environmentally friendly/safe applications.  

Copper Pipe Leak Repair; PIPESEAL by Dynesic
Leak Sealing Patch Kit; Adhesion Patch Kit
Drain Pan Leak Repir; Condensate Pan Leak Repair
Boat Building Epoxy Kits by Dynesic
DX-3300 Secondary Containment Coating and Sealant
Pool Equipment Repairs using Dynesic DURAPATCH
E84 Approved Sealants and Coatings
High Temperature Coatings and Repairs using Dynesic DX-5400

Check out the Dynesic videos and tutorials.  This link features the latest product commercials, how to instructional videos and expert reviews.   

Where to Purchase Dynesic Products

This link has information regarding where to purchase Dynesic products.  It also serves as a registration for new suppliers and distributors.

Expert Reviews of Dynesic Products

Ken Cogliano, Chief Engineer is the host of KenTraining, a popular Do-It-Yourself training video series. His 3rd party evaluations on Dynesic products PANSEAL and PIPESEAL produced glowing results. Click for further information and to see Ken's product review videos.

Dynesic Products are Eco Friendly

Dynesic Technologies makes a special commitment to it's customers and the environment.  Dynesic products are safe to apply, are 100% solids and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Dynesic products are formulated with the high regard to the environment while providing superior strength and long term protection.  Dynesic aims to repair and protect structures worldwide from  harsh environments and chemical attack.  There is no release of chemicals into the atmosphere. 

"Our commitment is to your health and the world we live in."

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